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The Pink Bag Story

The Pink Bag Story

The other day, when I had a moment to myself in the shop, I took a look around and realized what a wonderful journey I am on. It is now 2 years to the day that we opened our retail outlet. As I relished in the pleasing aroma of sweet Pea, I couldn’t help but be proud that we had grown our basement-business into a beautiful French-themed boutique near the bluffs.

I’ve gone from soaps and bath bombs to diffusers and natural deodorant! I’ve grown from collaborating with friends to collaborating with local artists and entrepreneurs just like me. I’ve expanded from having customers to having friends. My business has become more than a career for me, it has become my way of connecting with the community, and I have never felt so in-tune with people. I especially love my customers as they come in regularly and tell me stories about my products.

My favorite story so far has been “The Pink Bag” story. One of my loyal customers described that she met her friends in a local restaurant one day to exchange gifts at Christmas. She walked into the restaurant holding a pink Sweet Pea bag, and before she knew it, all her friends lifted their hands carrying my signature pink bags while saying “you too?” I found this story so hilarious, and it made me realize that customers really appreciate my shop, and I really appreciate my customers.

I have so many more funny stories to tell, and I will, but for now I’d just like to express my gratefulness for how much you have all helped my business grow. To all my contributors, collaborators, customers, and friends—thank you for being on this journey with me. Sweet Pea will continue to offer natural products, workshops, parties and more. Stay tuned to learn more about its upcoming expansions and to enjoy the re-launch of my blog J


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