Tea Tree Toner



Sweet Pea’s Clarifying Toner is Sulfate Free, Petrochemical Free, Silicone Free, and Paraben Free with no artificial colors or fragrances!
Sweet Pea’s Clarifying Toner was designed to do more than provide firmer skin. The formulation includes an abundance of natural ingredients chosen to target today’s most pervasive skin conditions and give you the kind of complexion you’ve always wanted.

Ingredients : Witch Hazel – Arguably the world’s best natural toner, also improves circulation and fights broken capillaries. It’s a great treatment for tired looking skin and soothing irritations. 
Tea Tree – Highly antibacterial to fight acne and oily skin. 
Lemon – A natural astringent that can balance skin pH and brighten dull skin color, also highly antibacterial. 
Lavender Mont Blanc – Helps balance your skin’s natural oil production, stimulates cell growth, helps the skin heal itself, and is antibacterial. 
Chamomile German – An excellent antioxidant, it is also used to alleviate puffiness and cleanse pores of impurities while reducing redness and inflammation. 
Cucumber Peel Extract – An astringent, antioxidant, rich in vitamins, and aids in cell repair and growth. 
Honeysuckle Flower Extract – A natural skin conditioner to leave it soft as well as an astringent, cleanser and purifier.


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